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Links A-Plenty

Joe from WarSquad has an online shop called I saw some great comps there (Not So Quiet on the Western Front and the Dangerhouse comp) and shitloads of great early punk including the GI double cd and the first Redd Kross album.

Warsquad is a new punk band that features members from The Dents. They are doing an East Coast tour summer of 2003, and the members have been playing hardcore shows in town in various bands over the past half decade.

I think I saw My Penis at a Fluff party last October. That was the last time. Have you seen My Penis?

I just saw Kev's new band the Blastoffs and was impressed. Or maybe I was oppressed, I can't remember. I think it was their second show and they already have a cd out. The band features members of the Haymakers, Suffer and the Grinders.

Check out Seneca Laines' new website featuring their new EP in mp3 format!

The best tattoo artists in town are at Love Hate Tattoo on Alexander Street.

While you're around Alexander Street, head down Monroe towards the city and check out the Krudco skate shop.

Go and harrass Justin at Analog Shock! It's the best store in town for your fave indie zines and vinyl/cd's.

The Peachy Neachy's have a new revamped website with lots of cool links.

Delving Lapis' Interview with Pat Waara, the guitarist for Hunger Artist.

A public service for those that have just turned twenty-one that was put together by Cassey and Karrie. The do-s and don't-s of heading out for drinks.

John Perry has done the artwork for a lot of local bands. Check out his flyers at

Check out Mark Gage's internationally known Vapourspace. You can also find his work as Cusp there.

Jim Huie, who produced early Nod, Duke Galaxy and the Pipeliners, Zoo Music and other bands, now works on Paisley Pop Records out in Portland. Check for their reissue of a live Absolute Grey (an old Rochester band) show.

Meg from White Cotton Panties has a new band, Bee Eater and they are playing out a bit in the next couple of months.

Check out the Flour City Knuckleheads for a soul-shattering experience. Heavy Kevy was raving about them. What more need be said?

The Shackletons have begun their northeast exploration of Rochester New York. A reconnaissance mission to China is also underway.

The other Rochester Punk Page is more of a Punk site than this one is.

The Oi Skunx are playing out a bunch soon. I'm going to try catching them, are you?

The Nod page on the Smells Like Records site is the place to go to pick up the breakthrough CD's of this incredible upstate band.

Crimson Guard's home page

Enterprise Hardcore is the place to go for seeing what hardcore shows are coming up in town.

I just took a peak at the Atomic Swindlers site. The illustrations reminded me of Love and Rockets (Hernandez Bros. not Daniel Ash). I went to go see them a couple of weeks ago but showed up after they had finished. (Mental note: Gotta start getting out before last call.

The Sluts have a new website with songs available. These boys attacked the stage on razor scooters in fighter formation, jumped on stage, and proceeded to do stage dives into a crowd of zero. Quite moving.

Carbon Records is a Rochester label that has pressed releases for a wide range of bands. From the pop sounds of Muler to the mechanical Hilkka to the relentless drone of Sheet . . . you can find it all there. The label has also released out of town bands such as the 1985.

Gnostic friends is an awesome site that the visionary Alex Guldbeck puts out. Alex has shown me the hundreds of hate mail letters he gets everyday for putting the site up. Fantastic!

It ain't a Rochester thing, but WFMU has got to be the best radio station in the country if not the world.

One of the best radio shows in Rochester is the Jeff of the Future show on WITR.

Tied with Jeff's show is Whole Lotta Shakin' also on WITR.

Ever wonder what the US Government's legislative branch is preparing? You can search for all that stuff on Thomas, Bill Summary and Status or check out this summary that the people at EPIC, the electronic privacy information center. The advisors at EPIC are from universities, major businesses, and conservative and liberal organizations.

Garagepop Records has music from your favorite punk/garage bands including the Priests and the Quitters.

The Quitters home page has various pics of the band.

Dead Blue Hand's Kevinator promised a little tongue for linking to this power-punk bands home page.

Planet Sick-Boy has movie reviews from one of Rochester's many troubled minds.

Cherry Gun home page

The Bug Jar is still the best place in Rochester to catch local and national bands

The Moviees are the latest band on Living Eye Records.

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